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Top SEO Trends that can rule 2020

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The SEO in 2020 industry is undergoing lots of updates, and it can be challenging enough for you to keep up. SEO optimisation is not different from a game, and consists of many rules that are changing continuously. You need to think your strategies well enough. Here are some of the top SEO trends than are expected to rule 2019.

Social Media Redirection

Branding is catching on more and more on the social media platforms, and Google can aid you in ranking your site if it fares well on these platforms. There will be real-time advantages when you link the website with YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more. The higher the number of reviews and likes about your site on social platforms, the higher will be the likelihood of more traffic from social media coming to your website.


It has again come into picture. “Redirects”, at one time, were referred to as SEO leaks. However, with changes in requirements, they have again come into vogue. The newest Google announcements have stated that “Redirects” would add to SEO leaks anymore. Every website, these days, can make use of 3xx redirects for website ranking with no issues.

Google AMP

Google has started an initiative known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to create various websites that is user-friendly and better in form. According to this trend, a simpler and lighter HTML version is now in demand. Web traffic is being eaten away by web pages that load slower. Google AMP has become a game changer for dominating the realm of SEO in 2020. AMP pages can have 30 times quicker load time as compared to standard web pages, and for optimal results you have to make adjustments accordingly.

Voice Search

Voice recognition is becoming more and more accurate with time, and with apps like Google Home and Amazon Echo other than Cortana and Siri being taken up more and more. When you wish to make searches for anything on social platforms, it can be less frustrating. There can be a minimum of just one voice search each week by each person. However, voice searches have increased 3 – 4 times with passing time. According to reporters, voice search importance can stay pit and can constitute around half of all the searches. It can be anticipated to be used more and more in the coming months and years in SEO in 2020.

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