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Preparing your marketing plans for the Coronavirus downturn

SEO Specialist Marbella

Our businesses are all facing challenging times as the economic impact of Coronavirus starts to effect all residents and their businesses in Marbella, the Costa del Sol and Spain. And when faced with a challenging downtime like this, it’s time to think in terms of “the grand scheme of things” with regards of how to manage your time around your work life.

In other words, it’s time to prepare your business for the long haul. We need to work smarter, and be ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Here are 4 steps you can take to prepare your time and online marketing activity during this Coronovirus downturn:


  1. Work smart to retain your existing customer base – Content production is an essential element for your marketing campaigns and for keeping in touch with your existing customers, particularly on social media in Marbella. Share the updates in news around your business sector that you are currently making that differentiates you from your competitors.. Why not promote some good news posts in terms of happy stories in these difficult times to put a smile on your audiences faces. The whole country is on social media right now, take great advantage of it!
  2. Learn new skills – We all might like to think we are masters of our chosen sector in business.. Hey, maybe some of us are, but picking up on a new skill either in our own business sectors or even outside if it will keep us stimulated and in the long haul will come into good use, we promise! For example, our team have decided to exchange one skill for an other. For example – Sonia, our SEO guru is exchanging her onsite SEO skills with Georgia our Social Media expert for her knowledge about canva.com, to create basic social media designs.
    SEO Specialist Marbella

    SEO Specialist Marbella

  3. Catch up with the low priority jobs you keep putting aside – Stop lying to yourself! You know you have a list of 50 things you have meaning to get done for months, but you keep saying to yourself “but I don’t have the time to do it” well, now’s the time! From catching up on old emails, organising your chaotic files, writing blogs or even calling some cold leads.. You know what needs to be done, take good advantage of this time!
  4. Show how you’re providing resources, education and support to your audience – We all know how fake news and conspiracies can spread like wild fire. Why not choose some posts from reputable sources and share that all important information to keep your audience well informed. Not only will it keep your customers engaged It will give your business a noteworthy name to trust.

The current COVID-19 lockdowns in Spain are hard on everyone, and the reality is that we will be dealing with serious social limitations, for quite some time. On March 22nd 2020 it has been announced that Spain’s Lockdown will be extended a further 15 days. So, the prolonged isolation will require us to adapt our social practices, and find new ways to stay connected to our audiences and remain busy within our work life. And more importantly, throughout all of this we must stay safe, healthy and happy, and consider those who are most vulnerable in their times of need. The Honeybooth Team wish you all the best in this challenging time, and let’s hope life gets back to normal as soon as possible. Positivity and love to you all!

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