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Optimizing for user intent makes Google happy

SEO with your users in mind

Although keywords are still important, it’s certainly not like it used to be. Today, typing in simple words can yield simple results and likely not the answers you were hoping for. Just like the internet has evolved so has your customers. Today, your customers know exactly what they’re looking for. Search engines like Google are getting much better at identifying user intent. Therefore, users are now entering full queries or phrases in search engines, which gather data and heuristics to provide results more effectively.

In 2017, brands will need to place value on optimizing their digital content based on intent rather than specific keywords.Therefore a winning SEO strategy will depend on:

– Investigation what your potential customers (users) are searching for that brings them to your page

– Investigating what questions they want your content to answer

– Optimizing based on research data

– Making the changes needed to boost ratings

– Telling the consumer story by altering content to reflect the readers experience

– Keeping up with analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t so we can update accordingly

Our agency has over 15 years of experience when it comes to onsite optimization, research, metrics and understanding analytic data. We focus on a variety of keywords that include mobile search optimization, optimizing social media keywords and focusing on many longtail keywords as possible.



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