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Online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has evolved at what seems like lightning speed over the past few years alone. Confusion about online marketing and SEO is far too common with small business owners on the Costa del Sol.</p> <p>We get it, we really do.</p> <p>There is however, a solution and Honeybooth Marketing can help you understand SEO and Online marketing. Most of all, we understand that transparency is key to a successful business relationship, even when it comes to marketing online.


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Understanding SEO, Search Engine Optimisation

It’s not just about keywords anymore – in fact, a lot has changed when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Do you wish your website was number one in the search engines? All business owners no matter how large or small wishes to see their business in the number one position on Google, and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and more. Of course you do, we understand because we want to see Honeybooth Marketing on the first page of Google as well. But, because the search engines, which includes Google has evolved so much just over the past few years, online marketers and SEO specialists are now faced with new challenges when it comes to ranking your website online.

Here is what hasn’t changed in way of marketing online and SEO:

Online marketing and basic onsite optimisation (SEO) increases ROI

  • social media presence helps you rank online
  • Branding your online business helps you rank online
  • A mobile friendly site helps you rank online
  • Securing your site (SSL) helps you rank online
  • Customer or client reviews helps you rank online
  • Advertising on the right platforms helps you rank online
  • Link building helps you rank online
  • Basic onsite optimisation helps you rank online

All the above does in fact help you start ranking, but there is a lot more! Did you know there are over 200 ranking factors that Google alone considers? Breaking Google’s algorithm is impossible, and there is absolutely no way to cheat the system.

Your Customers & Clients

Your Customers Have Gotten Smarter, Time to Show Some Respect

All of the above SEO factors remain an important part of marketing your business online. You need to have a marketing structure in place that uses specific techniques in relation to SEO to get noticed online and rank. But, Google’s changes over the past year alone are pushing us in a different directions, and you simply can’t mess with Google’s algorithmic changes. In fact we have to comply with what they are making us do.

Keywords today have changed and evolved exponentially. You can very well tell us what keywords you are hoping to rank for, and most of the time we will listen and try our best. However, today in our mobile online world, we now must consider keyword phrases and voice search phrases.

Because of our mobiles, we are constantly connected online – this is evidently clear because of our love for social media. Social media is so important and not just when it comes to marketing online. Social media keeps us connected to each other and keeps us well informed. This in effect has made us smarter than ever. Today, if you’re not treating your customers or clients with a level of respect they deserve, you will lose money.

People know what they want, and they’ve already decided whether or not they are going to buy your product or service. They know within a matter of minutes if not seconds. Your potential client or customer has done their research and have “looked you up” so to speak. They are asking around, they are looking through your reviews and so on. If your presence is lacking online along with your customer service, don’t expect a lot of love from the newbies.

Make it Matter

Honeybooth Marketing Online & SEO

At Honeybooth Marketing, we stay up to date on all the marketing changes taking place online, this includes constant staying updated by Google’s changes and other search changes with regard to SEO guidelines. The trends are closely monitored, and we conduct our very own case studies to ensure we know what the heck we are talking about. We are Google Partners, AdWords certified, and know how to use Google’s many products to help you rank online. We use the best online SEO software in the world that keeps reporting on your level of understanding. We communicate with you because we now understand how very important it is to respect our clients. We’ll tell you and show you exactly what you need to rank online in a Google ruled world.

Please take your time reading through our website – we provide you with information that is both invaluable and easy to understand. We’ll take you through the process of ranking online and getting your businesses branded on social media. Best of all, we’ll take you through the process of SEO that leads to ROI (Return on Investment).

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