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Social Media Marketing and Your Brand

Social media marketing for brands is becoming more important and a key tool to engage with customers and target audiences. It’s fair to say that brands can no longer afford to be “unsocial”. Honeybooth Marketing offer a bespoke social media marketing package for e-commerce or local businesses, including development of brand focused pages to drive engagement, awareness and conversions.

Take it from us, social media is an essential tool required for your complete marketing strategy. Social networks are where your audience communicates, shops, and discovers information about the world. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the places people tend to visit first thing in the morning and the last before going to sleep, we know we do! Consider the possibilities when you make just a few simple posts about your amazing products and services and use all the cool features of each social platforms, the limits are endless!

Honeybooth Marketing Carefully Evaluates Your Social Media

Honeybooth Marketing will carefully evaluate your social media marketing pages to pull through the ultimate engaging content including core internet marketing business values, company news, blogs posted from the website and other brand and location specific content. Our team work with a variety of platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube.

social media marketing

Measure and achieve an ROI for your Business no matter how big or small

We help organisations effectively use social media for engaging with prospects, attracting leads and building visibility.

  • Social media strategy
  • Thought leadership
  • Targeted ads
  • Social content calendar
  • Social media management
  • Inbound marketing
  • Analytics

Our Social Media Marketing Team Helps you get Branded

Along with brand specific social content, Honeybooth Marketing love to share industry specific posts across all social media platforms from a variety of relevant topics to increase engagement through valuable content, rather than brand centric offers and news and information alone its logic really… This strategised mix of content helps to engage and attract existing and potential clients and position you and your brand as a social leader. Along with creating monthly content and imagery calendars for posts, our team will optimise your pages, targeting industry relevant keywords to properly direct your online efforts.

In addition, Honeybooth Marketing organises targeted social media advertising,designing ad campaigns that focus of specific CTA’s and conversions. These ads include customised designs and images/graphics to best reach target audiences and demographics. Other services include “boosted posts” around certain special events such as competitions for tickets, like and share competitions, and URL promotions.

Based in the Marbella area, let Honeybooth Marketing’s Social Media Marketing team help you get brand recognition, website traffic or attention through your social media.


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