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Geo targeting SEO

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geo targeting seo

Geo Targeting SEO

What exactly is Geo targeting SEO? The best way to explain is with a great example:

Say you own a brick and mortar shop and you have a website as well. You want to target people (your customers) within the area. If you live in Marbella, Costa del Sol and you own a shoe shop, you want to attract customers within the local area, in this case Marbella.

For an online presence to work just as well as your store front, targeting for specific location is essential. We can even directly target through Facebook advertising attracting exactly who would be interested in your shoes. Geo targeting SEO on Google is a process and keywords and keyword phrases play an important role. Imagine for one moment, a man in Marbella needs a really good pair of sports shoes to continue jogging. He will likely search on his desktop or possibly his mobile device for a shoe shop near by.

Here are just a few examples of keyword phrases he might use:

shoe shops near me

nike running shoes marbella

best marbella shoe shops

Those are just a few, there might be several other variants of phrases he might use. The point is you want your shoe shop to pop up within Google search (SERPs) so he can then make his way to purchase those shoes. Geo targeting SEO and the keywords “shoe shops near me” is very vital to geo targeting – you want your shop to appear in the section with Google maps and direct addresses. This is something our agency specialises in and we can help put your shop on the map.



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